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This event was previously held on Feb 10, 2018

This seminar provided a training opportunity for leaders and crisis management teams.  We learned the process involved in handling “any” crisis situation. An active shooter, domestic violence spillover,  a missing child or a medical emergency. The seminar covered the five biggest mistakes organizations make when a crisis hits. Attendees learned how to avoid the four fatal errors that can bleed your financial resources dry, if not handled correctly.

Coalition Training Seminar

The Seminars Objectives were:

  • To give attendees exposure to the demands of managing a crisis situation.

  • To equip participants with real world examples of what did and didn't work when faced with an actual crisis situation.

  • To teach practical techniques to determine if an organization is prepared to handle a crisis.

  • To educate attendees on disaster research, common failures and the processes used to avoid the fatal errors that tend to repeat themselves in entities both large and small.


Carl Chinn:

Carl was personally involved in two significant attacks on faith based organizations: In 1996, a gunman took Carl and others hostage at the Focus on the Family international headquarters. Following the incident and trial, Chinn began researching and writing about deadly force incidents in faith based organizations.

In 2005, Carl and three others set out to develop a security program at New Life Church in Colorado. Chinn was significantly involved in the pre-incident emergency planning and he was there as a responder when an active killer incident happened at New Life Church on 12/09/2007.  Carl will reveal the lessons learned in both incidents and how you can avoid them.

Brian Webb:

 Brian specializes in teaching International Travel Safety and Security, Crisis Management and Disaster Planning, Active Shooter Response and Survival Training. His students include domestic and foreign governments, numerous International Corporations, Missionary Organizations and hundreds of Churches from around the U.S.  Brian will be the primary presenter and will lead attendees through the process of creating a Crisis Management Plan, a must have for every church.

It’s important for church security leaders and other church leadership to attend!

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